Surron E Bike is an unexpected smash in a variety of disciplines, including Trials, Enduro, hill climbing, exploring, and freestyle fun. Its incredible torque has earned the hearts of the world’s best riders. Surron E Bikes create new norms in all aspects, whether it’s integration, design, or performance.

SUR-RON is a professional designer and manufacturer of electric vehicles. With the advantages of novel appearance, comfortable riding, easy operation, strong power, long cruising range, good safety control and great reliability, the electric vehicles become an ideal new generation of green traffic tool. In order to make the vehicle better serve to you, please do read the manual carefully before riding.

Fully understand the vehicle’s performance, usage and maintenance methods, will enable you to properly ride the vehicle with the best performance, less malfunctions, and longer life time. Please do not lend the electric vehicle to the people who do not know how to ride it. The helmet must be worn when you ride the electric vehicle. Please follow the traffic rules strictly and ride it on the slow lanes.

Please drive slowly in snowy days or on slippery roads, and keep certain distance to ensure the safety. Due to the continuous improvements of Surron E Bike, it may have any differences for different production batches. And the final right to interpret belongs to SUR-RON.


surron e bike

Sur Ron Ultra Bee

(23) $6,719.00$6,779.00

surron e bike

Surron Light Bee L1e

(3) $3,189.00
(5) $2,699.00

surron e bike

Surron Light Bee X 60V

(101) $3,909.00
(6) $7,499.00$8,419.00
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