Shipping & Return

Thank you for your interest in Sur-Ron Motor. We appreciate the fact that you enjoy purchasing the cool items we have to offer! We aim to ensure that you are satisfied and have a positive overall experience after purchasing our products. That being said, we’ve included some information regarding our Shipping and Return policies below.

Shipping Policy

Sur-Rons are somewhat large and heavy for shipping, thus we use a Freight LTL service for all of our bikes.  All shipments will require a delivery appointment, so please double-check that you have supplied the correct e-mail and phone number so that our freight provider can organize your delivery!  Sur-Ron Motor gladly provides liftgate services for individuals who require them, but any other services (such as inside deliveries, insurance premiums, or customs clearance) are at your own expense.  

Because we employ Freight LTL, not all destinations are always deliverable.  We will notify you and request an alternate address if we are unable to deliver to your current address.  

We ship Freight once a week, so once you place your order and receive your order confirmation, it will be shipped within 1-5 business days, depending on the day you ordered. 

You will receive an email confirming the specifics of your order once you have placed it. We will send you an email with your tracking information once your product has left our warehouse.

Depending on the dimensions, weight, and value of the items, we dispatch the majority of our parcels via FedEx, USPS, or MailExpress. So you may go to the website of the relevant provider, input your tracking number, and see the current status of your item.

Customers are not allowed to request photos or videos from the sales team, and sales agents are not permitted to provide personal details such as private phone numbers, email, addresses, identification documents, or a photo or video of them while in the store. We understand there is a wide range of fake Sur-Ron dealers and that is why our store is open to receiving customers on appointments during weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Saturdays are reserved for pickups and deliveries only.

Please note that some states might require riders of Sur-Ron e-bikes to have a valid permit under Assembly Bill 530 before riding them; this permit is different from a license. However, if you do not have a valid permit upon purchase of a Sur-Ron e-bike, your dealer is responsible for providing you with one from the dealership state. The permit costs $1,000 and is valid for five years.

The AB 530 Permit refers to a specific permit that allows certain electric bicycles (e-bikes) to operate in designated areas such as state park trails, paths, and roadways. This permit is designed to regulate the use of e-bikes and ensure their safe integration into these areas.

Here are some key points to note about the AB 530 Permit:

1. Definition of an e-bike: The permit applies to Class 1, Class 2, and Class 3 e-bikes as defined by the California Vehicle Code. These classes are differentiated based on their maximum assisted speeds and whether they have a throttle feature.

2. Permit requirements: To obtain the AB 530 Permit, e-bike riders must meet certain criteria, such as age restrictions and wearing an approved bicycle helmet. The permit may vary depending on the specific location, so it’s important to check with the relevant authorities for detailed requirements.

3. Designated areas: The permit allows e-bike riders access to specific areas, such as state park trails, paths, and roadways, where traditional bicycles are allowed. However, it’s crucial to be aware of any specific restrictions or limitations in each designated area.

4. Responsible riding: E-bike riders with the AB 530 Permit are expected to follow all local traffic laws, regulations, and rules established for bicycles. Riders should also be mindful of other trail users, wildlife, and the natural environment, ensuring responsible and respectful riding.

5. Permit enforcement: Law enforcement agencies may conduct checks to ensure riders possess the AB 530 Permit when riding in designated areas. Non-compliance with permit requirements or operating an e-bike without a permit in restricted areas may result in fines or penalties.

It’s important to note that the details and specific requirements of the AB 530 Permit may vary with states, so it’s always recommended to refer to the relevant authorities for the most up-to-date information regarding e-bike regulations and permits in your state.

Warranty Policy

Sur-Ron E-Bikes come with a limited warranty: Bikes are enormous and expensive to send, and after you ride them, they are used; therefore, we do not accept returns unless they are defective upon arrival. We are not a rental company, and we strongly advise you to do your homework before purchasing with us. If a bike has a minor cosmetic flaw (such as a scratch or chip in the paint), we will try to work out an acceptable discount, but this does not constitute grounds for warranty replacement or return.

We will replace any part that is deemed defective from manufacturing for 90 days following the delivery date.

The power system (motor, controller, display, and battery) is covered by a three-month guarantee. 

Normal wear components (such as bearings, seals, chains, brake components, and suspension valving) are excluded, as are abuse or failure caused by accident, collision, or neglect. Misuse also involves tampering with the wiring or adding non-genuine parts, as well as racing. This limited warranty will be void if you charge, store, or discharge it incorrectly. The limited warranty is non-transferable, and you must have confirmation of purchase from Sur-Ron Motor before requesting a warranty replacement.

Return Policy 

We recognize that an item may not always be what you expected it to be, and in that case, we ask you to study the following terms for returning a product:

  • It is too late to cancel an order once it has been shipped or assembled for pickup, except in cases where you receive a faulty Sur-Ron.
  • We accept returns within 90 days after the original ship date as long as the item is in its original sealed product box, is unopened, and is in unused condition. 
  • For change-of-mind returns, shipping expenses are non-refundable.
  • We have the right not to accept or permit the return of products that have been altered or modified with third-party or aftermarket parts or components.
  • Once the goods have been returned to us and determined to be complete (containing the “original sealed” product box, with the device in its original packing materials) and undamaged, we will refund your money. You will receive a refund for your purchase price, less postage and handling. We do not reimburse delivery fees.

We will inspect the item upon receipt and advise you that we have received the returned item. After checking the item, we will immediately advise you of the status of your refund. If your return is accepted, we will credit your credit card (or original method of payment) immediately. Depending on your card issuer’s regulations, you should receive your credit within 30 days.

We are unable to offer this return policy on any electrical devices that have been opened or used in any manner. Please exercise extreme caution while ordering electrical parts to prevent receiving an unusable and returnable bike part.

Items that are not in stock and must be ordered from the factory can be returned to us during the returns period, but are subject to a 25% re-stocking fee, which is 25% of the item’s value plus any delivery fees incurred. This is due to the length of time it takes us to process non-stock items after they have been returned to our warehouse. Your standard cancellation rights remain in effect.

All returns due to customer fault will be repaid in full once they have been returned and assessed for damage. However, the client will be responsible for all mailing expenses, including the initial postage as well as the cost of returning the merchandise.

All returns should be sent to:

1475 E El Segundo Blvd., El Segundo, CA 90245

Please keep in mind that if we make a mistake, we will gladly pay for return postage. However, we can only reimburse up to the original delivery cost.